When it comes to the selection on new kitchen cabinets, custom made for your home, you have lots of decisions that you will need to make such as what sort of kitchen cabinet materials to use. Here’s a simple guide to select on the most popular wood-based materials for...

Kitchen Cabinet Door Profiles

There are few different door profiles as shown i.e. raised panel, mullion & Accent panel and glass panel Kitchen cabinets help to keep your cooking space neat and organised while contributing to the style of the room. Your selection of finish, sets the style for...

How to maximize your closet space?

How to maximize your closet space?

Walk in Wardrobe The best way to get more storage is to install a built-in wardrobe.😎 Reason being :-1) A custom made wardrobe is designed according to your room size and the space. 2) As a result, the storage space can be maximized all the way up to the...


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