There are few different door profiles as shown i.e. raised panel, mullion & Accent panel and glass panel

Kitchen cabinets help to keep your cooking space neat and organised while contributing to the style of the room. Your selection of finish, sets the style for your entire kitchen. Hence, Cabinet doors play the most important part in the design & theme.

Tips: If you are looking for the most affordable kitchen cabinet option, chipboards/particleboard with a melamine finish is the way to go!

How to select your cabinets door profiles? Check out the five cabinet door styles below for your ideas i.e. slab & flat panel, raised panel, recessed panel, mullion & accent panel

  1. Slab & flat panel is the most popular cabinets door profiles commonly used in Malaysia.

2. Raised panel, normally used for Europe style or country feel design

3. Recessed panel, blend well with the transitional, traditional, and contemporary kitchen styles

4. Mullion & accent panel, constructed with two materials i.e. glass and wood, or a wood-like material i.e. louver door

Glass & Wood door Panel
Louver door Panel

As Kitchen cabinets are usually the most expensive part of renovating a kitchen. Hence, we recommend you to talk to kitchen cabinet specialist for more advice and view their portfolio.

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