There are always Pro & Con of different table top materials, nothing seem to be perfect!

However, the latest technology is never disappointed us! Keep improving in both quality, performance & even with more affordable price!

🎉 Introducing the high performance of ultra thin compact work top which can solve all the problems we have been facing all the while from previous same price range kitchen top materials.

So how “powerful” is it? Why compact top? We summarize here for your easy understanding points:-

✅ Thin & light design – at 6mm & 12mm thick

✅ Water resistant – you can soak it for a week also no issues due to the anti oxide layer protection

✅ Stain resistant – No worry of sauces/stain on the work top if accidentally dropped on it with just a wipe

✅ Heat resistant – Hot pot on top of it? No problem! Can tahan up to 220 degree celcius dry heat

✅ Impact & Wear resistant – Want to chop whole chicken there? No problem! Just do it~ Due to hygiene purposes, we still recommend to put a chopping board on top 1st k~

✅ Scratch Resistant even with sharp knife/scissor

✅ It’s a Green product – why Green? means Less/No chemical for more healthy life

✅ Overall high performance but with slightly high cost than Quartz stone only; can save for the future maintenance/replacement cost, why not?

✅ 5 Years warranty (T&C)

Planning for a new kitchen cabinet? Come and understand more in details! See how we could help?

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